Welcome to Cheltenham West


Unfortunately, the volunteers who ran this website, and the monthly newsletter, have now moved on to other things, and so it is currently on hold. We would love to resurrect both the website and newsletter with the help of new volunteers.

The Cheltenham West communities of Alstone, Arle, Fiddlers Green, Hesters Way, The Moors, Rowanfield, Springbank and St Mark's are full of thriving activity and community spirit. This website is dedicated to highlighting the great things that are going on in our community.

If you could contribute some time, however small, that would be great. If you have particular skills in journalism, community work or editing that would be helpful, but an enthusiasm for the project is just as important.

The project is managed by Create on the Square, a not-for-profit business seeking to encourage creative enterprise in Cheltenham West.

Please contact the editor@cheltenhamwest.com for more details.